• When people think of chiropractors, many think of back injuries. That’s partly correct. After all, chiropractic care does very much revolve around manual manipulation of the spinal column. But chiropractors don’t simply treat back injuries. In fact, chiropractic care can involve the entire body.

    At The Spine Clinic in Lake Worth, our goal is to make the entire body feel the way it should, and it all starts at the center – in your back!

    What Does a Chiropractor Do?

    The definition of chiropractic care is healthcare “focused on the recuperative nature of the human body and nervous system improvement through manual manipulation, primarily of the spinal column.” Targeting the nervous system is key because pain and disease can often be linked to the nervous system’s abnormal function due to irregular spinal function and mobility. A chiropractor can manipulate or adjust segments of the spinal column and other musculoskeletal body structures to improve nervous system operation.

    That benefits you in many ways, mainly because your body is better prepared to heal without the use of prescription drugs or painful surgery.

    Your overall well-being is our focus. We aim to restore and maintain your health and wellness by analyzing various factors, including nutrition, family history, case history, and exercise frequency. From there, we can offer comprehensive treatment options to help you feel your best.

    What Treatment Options Are Available?

    Here at The Spine Clinic in Lake Worth, we offer a wide range of treatments and therapies, including:

    • Adjustments: An adjustment is a procedure used to correct subluxations, which is a partial misalignment of one or more bones in your spinal column that can cause pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility while also disrupting the natural operation of the nervous system. Adjustments are generally made by hand, with a gentle, controlled force that corrects the spine or other musculoskeletal structures.
    • Massage therapy: This therapy can help relieve stress and pain while increasing the body’s natural ability to heal. Massage therapy has also been shown to release toxins, increase flexibility, increase blood flow, and relieve many pain types.
    • Ultrasound therapy: Therapeutic ultrasound is a type of deep heat therapy created by sound waves, which are a form of micro-massage that help reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and decrease pain and stiffness.
    • Heat/ice therapy: This is a tried-and-true method. Ice therapy has long been used to help treat pain and swelling immediately after an injury occurs. Heat therapy is effective in relaxing muscles and increasing circulation to provide relief of chronic pain.  Sometimes one or the other, or a strategic use of both can be beneficial, depending on the injury or ailment.
    • Electric muscle stimulation: This therapy uses light electrical pulses transmitted to specific parts of the body via electrodes placed on the skin. Some electrical stimulation provides pain relief and reduces inflammation, while others treat muscle spasms and muscle atrophy.
    • Rehabilitation exercises: Rehab exercise can be effective for patients with back, neck, and extremity pain or issues. The activities are designed to reduce pain, prevent muscle deterioration, increase strength and range of motion, promote joint health, and protect against new injuries. Plus, stretching helps prevent scar tissue from forming after surgery or injury.

    What Kind of Pain and Injuries Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

    Just about all of them! At The Spine Clinic, we handle everything from auto accident injuries to sports injuries to chronic pain like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Anyone of any age (even children) who is experiencing back pain, neck pain, chronic arm or leg pain, headaches, joint, and muscle pain, or disc herniations can benefit from the chiropractic care we provide at The Spine Clinic.

    Chiropractor in Lake Worth

    If you’re in pain, come see us at The Spine Clinic in Lake Worth. During your initial visit, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork, and then you’ll have a detailed discussion with the chiropractor about your health and history.

    The chiropractor will conduct a structural analysis and may perform specific tests based on the analysis. In most cases, you’ll receive treatment during your first visit as well–and that means you’ll immediately be on your way to feeling better! Call The Spine Clinic in Lake Worth at (561) 963-6227 today to set up your first appointment.

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  • Advanced Laser Therapy and specialized kinesiological techniques, he can develop a treatment plan to safely accelerate your recovery and get you back into action. He can also assist you in preventing future injuries while significantly improving your performance.


    Since the full golf swing rotates the spine with a lot of force and little control, almost every serious golfer will suffer from back problems.


    Repetitive and prolonged strain on the forearm muscles while playing tennis or other like activities will lead to Tennis Elbow. Ineffective technique along with poor levels of general fitness and conditioning will also contribute.


    Up to 70% of runners develop injuries every year. Most injuries result either from doing something wrong, or because there is a structural imbalance in the body.

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  • About 15 million people went to their doctor last year for shoulder related complaints.

    Try to do too much with your shoulders and you’re just asking for problems with your rotator cuff, the group of four small muscles that holds your shoulder joint in place. Twenty years ago nobody had heard of the rotator cuff…but then a bunch of millionaire Major League hurlers were idled by injuries to these pivotal muscles. Suddenly, rotators were big business. But you don’t need to throw a 97 MPH heater to have similar trouble. If you lift weights a few times a week, swim at the “Y” or play softball, you too, are at risk of damaging the rotator cuff.


    The problem has to do with the design of the shoulder. It’s an unstable joint… as unstable as a golf ball on a tee. You must depend on the surrounding tendons to provide stability. Trouble is, those tendons aren’t quite sturdy enough to withstand all the wear we give them. Any kind of repetitive motion that makes heavy demands on the shoulder, whether it’s pitching a softball or reaching up to paint the kitchen ceiling, can gradually wear down the rotator-cuff tendons.


    Of course, the best way to deal with rotator-cuff injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. And the best place to do that is in the gym. For example, if you’re prone to shoulder discomfort and work out on resistance machines such as Nautilus or Cybex, try switching to light free-weights for a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve.

    Change your grip.
    If a standard bench press hurts your shoulder, try using a narrower grip. With a wide grip, the tendon is more likely to come in contact with the bone, causing pain and potentially more damage to the tendon. If you change to a narrower grip, you usually can’t lift as much, but it’s easier on the shoulder.

    Lie low.
    If you feel pain when you lift a weight higher than shoulder level, stop doing it. Most people with rotator cuff problems are okay having their upper arm parallel to the floor, but if they go higher, it’s going to cause problems.

    Exercise caution.
    Some exercises that build your shoulders can also damage the rotator cuff. A prime example is the “behind-the-neck” overhead press… also known as the military press. This is one of the most common resistance exercises that you see people doing in the gym, but if you’ve already got an imbalance in your shoulder, you can develop some serious problems.

    Pay attention to pain.
    If these or any other exercises make your shoulders hurt, don’t try to work through the pain. The first thing to do is make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly. If your form checks out with your trainer, the next step is to try the exercise using a lower weight. Sometimes, though, there’s no weight at which the exercise is comfortable. In that case, stop doing the exercise and seek our assistance.

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  • Don’t forget… your children need chiropractic too!

    During the early formative years, spinal problems have a way of happening from a variety of reasons. These commonly include such things as mishaps while at play as well as poor postural habits.

    But it’s important for a parent to know that any spinal condition left untreated may eventually degenerate, causing more serious problems later in life.

    Happily, if discovered early enough, a child’s spinal condition recovers relatively quickly and completely.

    An example of this is scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine. It can develop quickly during the periods of rapid growth. However, in many cases, early detection and treatment can correct the problem.

    So, just as it is important to have your children’s teeth checked, it is also important to have their spines regularly checked for healthy development.

    Why Do Children Need Chiropractic Care?

    Learning to walk, ride a bicycle. and other childhood activities can cause serious spinal problems. While a bandage and some comforting words can help a skinned knee, the unseen damage to the child’s spine is the unique domain of a chiropractic doctor.

    Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off as “growing pains” can often be traced to the spine. Regular chiropractic checkups can identify these problems and help avoid many of the health complaints seen later in adults.

    Naturally. chiropractic adjusting procedures are modified to a child’s spine. Most parents report that their children enjoy their chiropractic adjustments and seem healthier than other children.

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  • It is estimated that 45 million Americans regularly suffer from serious, recurring headaches as they spend upwards of $400 million each year on over-the-counter and prescription drugs searching for pain relief. In fact, because headaches are so common, some people think that getting a headache is simply a normal part of life! They couldn’t be more wrong! Headaches are a serious sign that the body is not functioning properly.


    Most headaches are usually caused from a combination of two factors. The first is due to muscular contractions of the neck that then restricts the blood supply to the brain. The second factor is due to pinched nerves caused by spinal misalignments of the neck vertebrae.


    The first thing to do is seek professional help. Dr. Rothschild will be able to diagnose your problem and tell you why you are having these headaches. A “hands-on” treatment program will be recommended and/or you may be referred for further investigation if he feels that would be valuable. Management of your headaches may include chiropractic adjustments (no drugs or surgery) to normalize the function of your spine, advice on lifestyle and nutritional changes to help prevent further recurrences and advice on how you can further deal with the problem.


    Knowledge is the key to preventing headaches from starting in the first place. Understanding how they are triggered will aid you in stopping them. In addition, you need to report all that you feel to Dr. Rothschild so that he knows all there is to know about how your headaches occur. Once the headache has begun, you can use heat/ice, rest/activity, or stimulation/repression techniques as Dr. R advises.

    You will come to know when it is appropriate to seek care and when it is not necessary. As time goes by, you should have less and less headache as all factors are dealt with. Most patients seeking our care for headaches experience excellent results.

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